I have three categories that I will write about in this blog.

The case is my criminal case that began in 2004 and ended in 2010. It is filled with twists and turns. It’s hard to recall how many times my attorney said that it was such an unusual case. I had no perspective on whether it was unusual or not and how that could even be measured. It consumed my life for most of that time. The case began with a call from a federal prosecutor and ended with the Judge that acquitted me sentencing me.

The constant transformation throughout the case took me from a basic, good person to much different person. Different because so much of what I thought was valuable in life was in jeopardy, so I had to get clarity. It was as though, my life was starting over. I saw people in my life very differently and likewise, others leaned in to re-evaluate who I was. Justice became personal. So many lessons learned. I came out of the case a much better person than where I started.

The criminal justice community has up to 1200 non-profits with various niches to help the people in the criminal justice system and related parties. They are amazing people that understand injustice because they lived it. Justice is a fundamental right of being a US citizen, yet so many people are compromised and the far reaching effects include millions of people. I will include stories, data and ideas about what is happening on the road to better justice.

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