After the case was over, my old life didn’t exist. Ultimately, I was sentenced to probation and divorced in the same month. Facing my three kids with no job and no way to reasonably get one, I started a company making dry erase boards and selling them on Amazon. It supported our family and allowed me to be available for my kids. If I could start a company to support my family, I could start one that could support the criminal justice system – that was my thinking. 

I didn’t know what kind of company I should start. I initiated conversations with anyone in the criminal justice system that would talk to me – law clerks, attorneys, judges, bar representatives and legal trade organizations and listened to the collective wisdom.

What I discovered was that there were already so many criminal justice non-profits doing incredible work. They just needed more people to know about their work and secure more funding. 

Businesses need to align their values with like-minded customers and employees. It’s been proven that employees will take less pay to work for a company that values meaningful causes. Customers want to know the story and/or mission of the companies they buy from. 

Supply Justice was born. We exist to create a better criminal justice system.  The way we do that is to support existing criminal justice non-profits. When a customer purchases merchandise, they pick where we donate 100% of the net profit. (The customer gets a tax deduction after the refund period expires.)  Anyone can recommend products and criminal justice non-profits for us to include.  

Supply Justice is simple and timeless. Simple because it is easy to explain and ….simply, justice is a fundamental right. Timeless because the justice system is a human system that will always need to be improved upon.



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