Prisoner Allison’s “The School” (approx 13.75″ x 16.5″)




There are layers of things happening in “The School”. There are many circles of life on “The School” that could be considered “bubbles” or “windows” or “focus”. The mountains, forest, swimming fish and river currents are drawn in Allison’s appreciation of nature. Allison considers nature the Master of all art. Colors used are basically blacks and grays with some blue.
Allison describes his world, “that these times should find us nothing less than inspired is the highest virtue of human spirit under trial. In like manner, the trials of my life have forged me and of me an artist, writer and inventor – even as the dross of corruption is being purged away from me.”
“The artistic expressions I see wrought in nature cannot be out done. We cannot work on that level of quantum complexity, composition and intricacy. There will always be an air of envy and jealousy toward the Master and not a little madness in the pursuit of the same excellence. In the world of art, if you can make it with the grays, you can make it with anything.”


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