“Painter at the Easel” Artisan Original 20″ x 30″ (approx.)


Painter’s Easel.


Gamble’s rendition of ” Painter at the Easel” creates a glimpse of the artist at work.  The artist is in costume with a festive hat and jacket that inspires him to paint. There is fine detail to the painter’s face and pallet. You almost feel that you are interrupting his work.   Most of the colors used are browns, reds, yellow and black.

Gamble describes himself as an eclectic, easy-going black man who uses his art to vent frustration.  “There is no way I can adequately express the injustice I feel in serving a 25 year to life sentence for a minor non-violent offense.  Surely some less drastic punishment would have been possible” Gamble stole a pair of sunglasses and was sentenced under California’s three-strike law.  “My art not only gives me insight but keeps me strong”.


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