Criminal Justice Non-Profit Approval Application

Apply to be an approved criminal justice non-profit. Fill out this contact form or email us at

Has authority to bind the non-profit
Mission statement of Non-Profit as stated in your formation documents. Criminal justice should be your primary mission. Supply Justice has sole discretion to make that determination.
Proposed Criminal Justice Non-Profit wants to collaborate with Supply Justice to create more awareness and donations. No guarantees of results are being made.
If approved, criminal justice non-profit will provide a current logo and link to Supply Justice to add to Supply Justice's website before any donations will be made and within 30 days of being approved.
If approved, criminal justice non-profit agrees to provide a summary of current activities pertinent to its mission on an ongoing quarterly basis.
If approved, criminal justice non-profit confirms it is a legally formed 501c3 in good standing with the IRS and if any changes to that status are made, Supply Justice will be informed within 30 days of change.


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