I am normally writing about my criminal prosecution from many years ago, but there have been a number of deaths recently and I want to recognize these individuals. It is a bit debilitating to reflect on key people in my life and the criminal case and that they are gone forever. Both my Aunt and Mother died in the last 8 months. They were so very close to me and I miss them. They kept me strong during challenging times because they remained steadfast in their values while I was tested right in front of them.

David died recently from COVID. Unexpectedly, David became part of my defense team for only the sentencing phase of my case. We didn’t know each other well, but he was well qualified to handle the task.

I remember being in David’s office a few times. One of the ways to know someone is to enter their environment and see how they surround themselves. David’s office was filled with family photos and awards on the walls. I think he did what many attorneys had to do, protect their private life from the emotional roller coaster of the criminal justice system. Boundaries were clear. The family was first and even though I felt incredibly vulnerable for David’s optimal sentencing strategy, I remember admiring that he knew what was most important.

David and I talked regularly to behave my way through the sentencing process. He had chimed in at some point to affirm what so many had told me, mine was such an unusual case.

David was in his mid-60’s and healthy. He was vaccinated twice. I was told that he had a severe case of the COVID variant. I am told that one of his daughters was starting into law school in the last couple of weeks. Although I don’t know David’s daughter, my heart goes out to her to be beginning her endeavor into law just as her Dad passes.

What I do know is that we all have choices on how to spend our time. From the glimpse I was allowed, David spent his time doing what he loved and went home to people that he loved. That was remarkable.

I send peace to David’s family and friends that he lived life well.

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