1. Why don’t I just donate or volunteer with the criminal justice non-profit I want to support? 

We encourage that.

We also encourage you to consider buying products from Supply Justice representing people that have been significantly affected by the criminal justice system.  

2. Do I get a tax deductible receipt for my purchase? 

Yes. You are paying for goods and that is not a tax deduction, but the rest of the purchase price is a donation to whatever criminal justice non-profit you choose. The receipt is provided approximately 30 days after purchase. 

3.  What if I don’t like the piece I purchase? 

You have 30 days to return the piece in its original condition at your expense for a full refund. Once a donation is made based on your purchase, we can no longer issue a refund. 

4.  How do you choose the products to sell?

We are constantly seeking people affected by the criminal justice system that are creating their own products. Our criteria is original, high quality, reasonably priced work. 

If you know of someone that has a criminal justice connection and is making a high quality product that others would enjoy/use, please contact us at

5. If I want to recommend a criminal justice non-profit to support, what is the approval process? Please email us the information at Each criminal justice non-profit has to agree to the following:

a. They have documented current non-profit status and are in good standing with the IRS.

b. They have a primarily criminal justice mission.

c. The executive director approves working with Supply Justice.

d. They accept donations electronically. 

e. They will provide their logo and website link to us to use on our site. 

f. They will provide updates on a quarterly basis that will include data and stories about the people they serve.

g. They are cooperative towards future opportunities to collaborate. 

6. Is Supply Justice a non-profit?

As of 1/1/2021 Supply Justice is applying to be a stand alone non-profit.  Previously, we were a non-profit through a fiscal sponsorship. 

7. Does Supply Justice accept donations? 

Absolutely.  We have expenses and want to continue to grow.  We are constantly seeking donations, sponsorships and grants to execute our mission. 




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