There needs to be something remarkable about your first blog. 

It sets the tone and expectation of what is to come. 

I don’t have all the answers, but I can share my thoughts about being prosecuted for a crime I did not commit.

From what I understood, I didn’t fit the stereotypical defendant. 

I am caucasian. I am female. I am well-educated. 

My blog is about who I was and who I am now as a person who was unexpectedly prosecuted in the US criminal justice system.  It is a reflection of facts, emotions, choices and transformation. 

My hope is that I can:

  • consistently convey detailed information and sentiments that will make you feel like you were in the room when “it” happened;
  • make you feel like a defendant in a “moment”, but know that you will never truly know what you would do unless you were the one charged.  
  • evoke enough emotion for you to make a decision if this is something that resonates with you or not and if it does, give you some ideas on how to take action. 

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