Why do customers want to engage with Supply Justice?

 The reason why many people become a Supply Justice customer is that they want to

 become part of a community with a sustainable, simple and timeless approach to justice.


 Customer’s Why, Supply Justice


Supply Justice offers opportunities to recommend artisans and criminal justice non-profits for us to support and we sell art to customers. Tax donation receipts are given to the customers.

Art helps us understand who people are and in turn, helps us better understand ourselves. 


Prisoners, formerly incarcerated people, and other members of communities affected by the criminal justice system are artisans. 


Their art is often an expression of their environment, education, beliefs, imagination, fears and ideas.  It is a glimpse in to their world.

Customer’s Why, Supply Justice

Here is a quote from an artisan prisoner,



                                      “Nowhere on earth is it harder to find privacy than in prison.

                                        Be it for meditation, prayer, or just thinking, it’s practically

                                        impossible…not only is it crowded, it’s loud. Doing art helps

                                        me get away from all that so I can keep my sanity until I’m released.”



Customer’s Why, Supply Justice

The prison and formerly incarcerated artisans often have lived a life that only others in the criminal justice system can truly relate to.

Being part of our criminal justice system changes you forever.  

When you look at/use what the artisan has made, please remember that you are making an impact on the prisoner, formerly

incarcerated people, criminal justice non-profits and their beneficiaries, and hopefully yourself.  You receive a tax-deduction too.


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Customer’s Why, Supply Justice


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