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Law firms have a unique opportunity to be the example of justice for their employees, potential clients and the community. 

The US criminal justice system has been noticed in the past year in a way that we have not known previously. 

The next generation of justice leaders are coming and they look at our criminal justice system differently than many people today. Their ideas are often pragmatic, transparent and they want to seamlessly work and and play with purpose. Their purpose is woven into their career/employment, leisure, consumer choices and other decisions they make. We should listen to their view of the world. 



Businesses’ Why, Supply Justice


Supply Justice provides a platform to accomplish a unique experience for each law firm and their personnel. 



There are ongoing opportunities with people, products and experiences that add to an individual and firm’s purpose and to a better justice system. 

People included in our community include lawyers, non-profits, advocates, incarcerated people, government officials, law professors, and others. 

Products that are offered are often made by incarcerated people or have a justice theme.  When you make a purchase, we donate 100% to the criminal justice non-profit that you choose. 

Experiences are quite varied from being part of a meeting with criminal justice influencers, to recommending new merchants, to editing criminal justice books/stories, critiquing artwork, signing petitions, researching niche criminal justice missions, virtually meeting famous personalities that support justice reform, connecting with people that are incarcerated and more. 


Supply Justice’s only agenda is to get everyone that wants to make a difference in the US criminal justice system to engage in a genuine way.

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Businesses’ Why, Supply Justice

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