The Why – The criminal justice community is in the best position to know the problems that exist and who can offer optimal solutions.

The How – The way we improve the criminal justice system is primarily to fund and support like-minded non-profits.

The What – We survey the community, sell what they ask for and let the customer choose which approved non-profit to direct 100% of the net profits toward. We provide a tax deductible receipt to the customer. 

Our Story, Supply Justice

Diane’s Story

Growing up like most kids, I thought my life was normal. It was all I knew. Knowing what I know now, I would give it high marks. I was safe, loved and had opportunity. 

I took those opportunities, got an education and combined with a reasonable amount of ambition went into a financial career. I helped people effortlessly with their finances. I got married. I had children. My life was family and work, no time for much else. It was all “as it should be”.

With one phone call, everything changed. A federal prosecutor called me and told me that I was the target of a federal investigation due to my administrative position many years prior on a fund management committee. I was stunned. 

If only the truth would set me free. Instead, I was charged, convicted, acquitted, re-convicted and sentenced to a crime that I didn’t commit and ….one that never happened. The inner workings of the criminal justice system were disturbing and defied logic. I barely managed to keep up with the twists and turns of the case. I knew I had to contribute to making a better criminal justice system when it was all over. I had to figure out how to support the system that failed me. Now is that time.

Supply Justice

After the case was over, my old life didn’t exist. There was no going back. Ultimately, I was sentenced to probation and divorced in the same month. Facing my three kids with no job and no way to reasonably get one, I started a company making dry erase boards and selling them on Amazon. It supported our family for a few years and allowed me to be available for my kids’ schedule. If I could start a company to support my family, I could start one that could support the criminal justice system – that was my thinking. 

I didn’t know what kind of company I should start. I initiated conversations with anyone in the criminal justice system that would talk to me – law clerks, attorneys, judges, bar representatives and legal trade organizations. I joined many justice trade organizations to listen to their collective wisdom. Ironically, through my involvement with trade organizations, I made it to the Supreme Court. 

What I discovered is that there were so many criminal justice non-profits that were doing incredible work. They just needed more people to know about what they were doing and secure more funding. I didn’t need to reinvent what was already being done. 

Now I understand, there is much more at stake. Businesses need us because their customers and employees want to align their values with like-minded businesses. It’s even been proven that employees will take less pay to work for a company that values meaningful causes. Customers want to know who they are buying from and what they stand for and be a part of something much bigger than themselves. 

Supply Justice was born. We exist to create a better criminal justice system.  The way we do that is to support existing criminal justice non-profits. When a customer purchases merchandise, they pick where we donate 100% of the net profit. (The customer gets a tax deduction after the refund period expires.)  Anyone can recommend products and criminal justice non-profits for us to include.  

Supply Justice is simple and timeless. Simple because it is easy to explain and ….simply, justice is a fundamental right. Timeless because the justice system is a human system that will always need to be improved upon.

Our Story, Supply Justice
Like Minded People – We are interested in working with people that want to make an impact, leave a legacy, make a connection, and/or have a long term commitment to improving our criminal justice system.

Supply Justice is about showing up and doing what you can do. 

Supply Justice is defined by people who exhibit courage and strive to be a part of something much bigger than themselves.Our Story, Supply Justice

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Supply Justice