Hello, I’m Diane

Founder of Supply Justice

The Most Important Thing

I am not concerned about how you contribute to the well being of the US criminal justice system.

I am concerned that you do so.

Do it your way.

Just do it.

About the Founder, Supply Justice

Here are some of the ways that I have spent my time to create opportunities for others to make their own US criminal justice impact.


Joining and Listening to Legal and Various Professional Trade Organizations. Visiting Everyone from Justices at the Supreme Court to Incarcerated People at Correctional Institutions.

Finding Artwork/Justice themed Merchandise made by people incarcerated or affected by the US criminal justice system.


Discovering US Criminal Justice Information - Statistics, Trends, and More.

Writing Content, Stories and Blogs and learning the most important questions to ask.

Identifying and Learning Niches of US Criminal Justice Non-Profits

Working continuously on a Better Version of Myself and building long term relationships with like-minded people.

About the Founder, Supply Justice














About the Founder, Supply Justice

I was prosecuted for a crime I didn’t commit.

Sometimes I write About My Prosecution

My Sentencing Attorney succumbs to COVID

I am normally writing about my criminal prosecution from many years ago, but there have been a number of deaths recently and I want to recognize these individuals. It is a bit debilitating to reflect on key people in my life and the criminal case and that they are...

Mom Died

I have been writing about being a criminal defendant, but today I am writing about being a daughter. Probably the most vigilant supporter I have ever known for my whole life was my Mother.  She knew my soul. She knew my essence. Good or bad, there was nothing that I...

Truth telling

I am describing my criminal prosecution experience from years ago. I was sitting firmly in the witness chair, next to the judge looking out at the sea of people: the jury, the prosecution's table, and the supporters/observers in the audience. The first thing I decided...

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