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Below are samples of incarcerated artisans’ work and excerpts from their stories:

Rachel S.

“In elementary school, I fell in love with storybook illustrations and started imitating them.  I took art classes throughout middle school and high school and majored in painting in college. I was arrested just before my final semester and never got my degree. I want to tell the stories of people who normally don’t get representation through portraits. People that are proud to live their truths have always inspired me. They give me the courage to be myself in this limiting, judgmental world.  Fashion magazines, movies, and TV shows are only now starting to include people of varying genders and skin types, but they still lean heavily toward the little, pretty people.  I want to bring focus on the beauty of the unusual, the beauty of the ordinary, the universal spark of the soul that goes beyond outward representation.”

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Incarcerated Artist

(Marilyn Monroe)

I’ve been in solitary isolation for the past 5 years. Growing up I was raised in a fractured home, a very impoverished situation. Art was an inexpensive medium of entertainment. I am still very much a student due to my current restrictions. My art style is constantly evolving. I currently enjoy neo-traditional photo realism. My inspirations are bringing joy to people through my artwork.

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(Congressman John Lewis 1940-2020)

Sharoid is an exceptional talent that has had limited resources all his life.  He is in a rural prison and does his best to keep motivated with art and the support of his family. 

My passion is recovery reentry work, as well as being an artist. 

Piece shown: “Canoe”

- D.M.

The History and Purpose of Supply Justice

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Our Mission is to empower everyone an opportunity to make better justice.

Our Vision is that every piece of merchandise purchased makes an impact on the person who bought it and the criminal justice non-profit that received a donation.

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